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When you ask your average Rolex fan to list out their favorite models more often than not the humble gavinwatch Day-Date, aka the Presidential, comes some way down the list, if at all. Sure its a well built, classically styled dress watch suited to just about any occasion but its kind of boring right? Not so according to the watch experts at auction house Phillips. This replica rolex Submariner Saturday evening in Geneva they plan to show you C and the world C just how exciting this watch can be with their Glamorous Day-Date sale to be held at the Hotel La Reserve. Glamorous Day-Date? Lets face it, Rolex is not exactly known for mixing things up. The replica rolex daytona company develops tried and tested designs that work and then sticked with them, and we love them for that. Seriously, there are few brands in the world whose products are more recognizable such is the dedication to consistency and refinement. For the most part this brietling Navitimer replica also holds true to the design of the Day-Date: large day window across the top, small date window at 3 oclock (sometimes with cyclops, sometimes without) and an otherwise clean looking dial. Over the years though there have been a number of variations made of this otherwise unassuming watch that transformed it from wallflower to rock-star. In celebration of this fact the newly formed team at Philips, in association with Bacs & Russo, have put together an exclusive collection of some of the rarest Day-Dates ever made. Believe me, if you take the time to explore this sale catalogue in detail you will never look at the Day-Date the same way again. In total 60 different Day-Dates will be offered for sale, with each and every one christened with a colourful nickname that describes its own individual style. The Bart Simpson for example refers to a yellow-gold Day-Date from 1977 that features a bright yellow, lacquer-coated Stella dial complete with black highlights. Of course if you dont particularly like the colour yellow there are several other lacquer-coated Stella dials to choose from, such as black, turquoise and lilac. If youre looking for something with a little more of an Arabic flavour than feast your eyes on Idris, a white-gold Day-Date with Arabic numerals and a highly unusually, highly attractive tapisserie dial. The contrasting numerals in pink gold really stand out nicely against the distinctive pattern and make an otherwise unremarkable watch truly eye-catching. Theres a similar model in rose gold called Aladdin Rose but I have to say I think I prefer the look of Idris more.


NaturalezaLa flora de Complejo Fénix, Cabañas en Oliveros, es variada y centenaria.

Se percibe que su disposición fué previamente diseñada, ignoramos por quien.

Muchos ejemplares por acción del clima, o el paso de los años han muerto, pero cientos continuan en pié.

Así es que un Ginko Biloba, seco su centenario tronco, retoña desde sus raíces haciendo honor a su apodo de “el árbol que nunca muere”, recordemos que después de las detonaciones atómicas en Japón fué la única especie que volvió a la vida desde sus raíces.

Un inmenso Palo Borracho que se ve en la foto, impone su figura y tapiza de flores y algodones, según la época del año, el parque que lo rodea.

Palmeras dispuestas en forma de V señalan el camino hacia el Río Carcaraña.

Especies existentes: Cazuarinas, Eucaliptus medicinal, Eucaliptus Limón, Eucaliptus común, Ligustros, Cedros Azules, Cedro Misionero, Palo Borracho, Nogales, Limoneros, Pomelos, Robles, Olivos, Higueras, Pino Eliotis, Tipas, Fresnos, Lapachos Amarillos, Lapachos Blancos, Lapachos Rosados, Jacarandaes, Catalpa, Espina Corona, Moras, Yatai, Falsa Caoba, Araucarias, Sequoias, Cipreces, y muchas otras.

El bello parque de Complejo Fénix, Cabañas en Oliveros, hacen que la estadía sea más relajada, dando a los cinco sentidos gratas sensaciones de bienestar.

RESERVAS: +54-0341-153-558-152





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